Welcome to Pug Reality TV

Welcome to Pug Reality TV

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mosie's Rhythmic Pug-Kerchief Workout - Catch the groove with pugrealitytv

Watch Mosie's grooving movies designed to give you pugwashtub abs!

Click HERE to see the adorable Millie

Watch Millie the adorable pug as she nestles into her couch spot with the sort of clumsy finesse that only a pug can flaunt. See Millie's entire collection of cute and funny videos at pugrealitytv.com.

Millie is a 9-year-old pug with lots of personality who enjoys hanging out in closets, barking at the mail carrier and despising vacuum cleaners.
Video c. 2014 Vacationing Parakeet Productions (VPP). Music "Funky Tribal" c. 2014 and was composed for this video.