Welcome to Pug Reality TV

Welcome to Pug Reality TV

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miraculous Heart of Water

After reciting a prayer my brother forced me to learn while he was alive, I bumped a vase holding a flower. One drop of water fell out, in the shape of a perfect heart. It told me that he was proud of me for praying. My brother, Matthew J. Frazzini, was killed by a DUI driver on June 30, 2009.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Where The Ducks Walk on Fish

Numerous large carp congregate at the Linesville Spillway in Pennsylvania, hungrily waiting for people to throw them another slice of bread, as you can see by their round, open mouths. Although there are no ducks walking on these particular carp, the local phrase "where ducks walk on fish" originated due to the fact that the carp are so thick that ducks probably could walk across them if they so chose. Visitors often feed the carp as they lurk next to the concrete walkway, begging for food in their own silent, fishy way.

Chilling Scene Inside of Erie's Historic Dickson Tavern

The landmark Dickson Tavern in Erie, PA
in the heart of old Erie, has remained empty and not open to the public for many years. It marks the site where Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry tipped a few brews and everybody knew his name back in his lakefaring days. 

Upon peering through the window of this eerie Erie site, we see these mannequins silently socialize while seated in 20th century chairs waiting for their next round. The figure on the left appears to be the image of Perry, a naval war hero during the Battle of Lake Erie. Photo copyright 2011 Christine Lorraine Mankowski.